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Terms & Conditions
Copyright is retained by the photographer on all images. All reproductions of photographs (including on websites) must include the photographer’s credit: ©Matt Chisnall
The commissioning client is licensed to use images, indefinitely, for the purpose of their own marketing and publicity including: professional journals, portfolios, press releases, newsletters, websites, intranet sites, practice monographs, brochures, leaflets, fliers, exhibitions, site hoardings, presentations, office displays, trade fairs, catalogues, calendars, annual reports, trade awards and competition submissions.
NOT ADVERTISING – rates for advertising use can be quoted for on an individual use basis.
Sharing costs:  Prior to any assignment - clients must inform the photographer, in writing of any co-commissioners with whom they wish to share the costs of a commission. A 50% licensing charge will be added to the fees for each extra party wishing to share costs.
E.g. If sharing costs with one other party: add 50% and divide by 2. If sharing with two other parties: add 100% and divide by 3.
The lead commissioner will be invoiced for the total amount and will be required to counter invoice their co-commissioners. All co-commissioners will have equal rights to use the images for the purposes listed on the invoice/license agreement. Hi-res copies of the selected images will supplied to each party on disc or via web download.
Third party use:  All images are copyright Matt Chisnall. All rights reserved except those granted on the invoice/license agreement. Images may not be supplied to, used, reproduced or published by any third party, in any form, without the written consent of the photographer. Third parties would include: clients, consultants, contractors, publishers, or any other company, not named as a co-commissioner, in writing, at the time of assignment. Any third party wishing to use an image, in any form, must be directed back to the photographer so that licensing fees can be discussed and a usage license arranged.
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